The story of one transformation from a gray mouse to beauty


The story of one transformation from a gray mouse to beauty

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I had a friend who was unlucky in her personal life so disastrously that she could very well have become the author of a three-volume book: “How to discourage any man.” Not that she was stupid or ugly – no, she just lacked some zest, peppercorn, damn.

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A quiet pretty woman from a wonderful family, a pale little blond-haired creature with traces of healed acne on her cheeks, the eyes of a stray dog, a narrow stooped back. Pharmacology The main problem of Lisa (I will call her that) was that she was always attracted to the Apollos, first-class males, macho from advertising. Die Frau, die mit 63 Jahren Bodybuilderin wurde When such a male appeared in sight (and they appeared because Lisa had been working in the editorial office of a fashion magazine since her youth, and her social life was quite active), she first crawled along the wall in silent admiration, then without fail made an awkward attempt to get closer, and having received a predictable refusal, she began to suffer. Trump è un terminatore, vuole porre fine al progresso e al futuro Schwarzenegger Not even so – she began to Suffer.

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When Lisa was 18, and the head of our course ignored her, she tried to open her veins with nail scissors. Health and Fitness Jobs You Can Try – Information resource on bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle Of course, this was not a real attempt to meet with eternity, but a spectacular act. When she was 25 (and the captain of the Russian national team for some very brutal sport did not answer her SMS), she went to the monastery. osteopati And she spent a whole week there, and then, not without relief, returned to worldly life. When she was 27 (and the sexy editor of the “real man” column on her shy offer to have dinner together, replied that he would come with the bride), she got drunk in some dubious bar, bravely mixing rum with champagne, and slept with the first one who came up to her a man who, in the darkness and a drunken defocus, seemed very personal, and in the morning turned into an asthenic with bald patches, sixty years old.

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We, her friends, unanimously convinced Lisa that her personal happiness is possible in two scenarios: either she chooses the same quiet woman with spools on her sweater as she herself, or changes beyond recognition.

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